Who We Are

About Our Firm

CON Consolidated was established out of the collective ambition of an investor experienced in the business and finance industries. Our goal is to help our subsidiaries turn their own ideas and visions into successful projects, and have managed to back many success stories so far.

CON Consolidated is a multi-disciplined organization and one of the most diversified groups of companies, which –in its current structure today present in 15 countries with products and services distributed worldwide.  Within our group are 2 different companies in which each one of them is diversified in a different segment.

Our management receive personal guidance from the very first stages, and are provided with all the resources and expert advice they need to insure success both on the short-run and long-run.

Our team transforms designs, plans and dreams of our customers into reality. We do so by offering the best teams to ensure an accurate, on schedule and on budget project.

CON Consolidated joins different fields of business lines.  It is diversified as Defense, Security, and NGO.